Automated Gates Overview

American Access Company in Cedar Rapids is the go-to company for installing and repairing gate operators, automated gate systems, and gate openers, and we service thousands of these every year. In addition, we provide annual maintenance for gate openers, our professional services helping gate owners avoid the costs of repairing gate motors and operators.

Automatic Gate System Installation

New gate operators and openers are being installed by American Access Company on an annual basis, helmed by our team of gate and access control technicians, who have been fully trained and certified.

Among the premier names in the gate opener and access control business that we provide are LiftMasterLinearDoorking and HySecurity. We work yearly with these major brands to incorporate new products while also staying up to date on safety and installation training with our crew, who are already highly experienced.

Automated Gate System Repair

To successfully operate automatic gate systems, a number of devices are typically required, including: magnetic ground loops and wands, photoelectric beams, contact edges, card readers, and automatic gate key pads. A gate is also equipped with hardware necessary to keep it functioning properly and should always receive needed repairs. Fortunately, American Access Company is here to offer maintenance on a routine basis, and our staff can repair both new and existing automatic gate systems.

To help maintain your automatic gate system, you should grease, tension and clean your gate chain regularly. It is just as important to inspect all moving parts of your automatic gate system. Be sure to check the trucks, guides, chains and chain rollers.

American Access Company’s new installation service agreement includes maintenance and automatic gate repair. This includes an annual compliance check to ensure your automated gate operator system remains and functional and safe to operate.

Automated Gate System Replacement

Replacing a worn-out gate operator is more complex than simply switching out hardware. It involves upgrading the entire gate system and safety devices, so that they are compliant with the replacement gate operator. The gate operators made today require integrated safety devices that are compliant and in-play before the operator is put to use. Fortunately, teh staff here at American Access Company is knowledgeable not only on today’s automatic gate operator technology but also about the technology used on older units as well. For over 50 years, we have been installing automated gate openers and devices.