Tips for Fence Maintenance in Cedar Rapids, IA

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Although no two fence types are equal—vinyl boasts superior longevity and rot-resilience compared to wood; chain link remains unsurpassed in its combination of visibility and security—it is important to remember that fence maintenance in Cedar Rapids might be necessary on occasion. As permanent outdoor installations, fencing endures precipitation, wind, contact with animals and objects, etc. While these phenomena are (generally) not strong enough to cause major damage, they can leave enough of an effect to gradually affect your fence’s condition over time. For that reason, it is wise to keep a close eye on your fence’s condition and conduct occasional fence maintenance.


Monitor Your Fence’s Surface Condition

This is the easiest, most telltale method of determining your fence’s condition. Rust, corrosion, deep scratches, knots—all of these indicate damage on the development. When it comes to wood fencing, we recommend staining and painting. These two processes help seal your fence against water. For when water absorbs into the wood, it remains contained and expands during the cold months of winter. (This is what causes those unsightly knots, bulges, and cracks.) A properly stained and painted fence, however, has more resistance to water absorption and water-related damage.

If you have a metal fence, watch for rust and corrosion. These can be potential health hazards in addition to signs of a weakening fence. (People who touch a rusty fence and cut themselves on it will require a tetanus shot; and as the property owner, you could be held responsible!) Here at American Fence Company of Cedar Rapids, we take extra measures to avoid rust and corrosion. Our chain link fences, for example, come in two forms: traditional galvanized metal or coated with black vinyl.

Watch for Infestations and Growth

Insects—especially those equipped with stingers—like to make nests inside open fence parts. Make sure you seal off the holes in your fence—the post tops and rails—so bees and wasps cannot enter. Be sure to also monitor the surface, again, for holes that someone might’ve dug to build a nest inside your fence. In addition: watch for unsightly growth, such as mold.

Should I Hire a Contractor For Fence Maintenance in Cedar Rapids?

It depends on the size and complexity of the job. Replacing a simple fitting such as a fence cap can be done by the homeowner. (You can find fence parts at our online store, with options of shipping directly to you or picking them up at our Cedar Rapids location!) Some maintenance jobs are certainly within the wheelhouse of experienced DIYers, as well. However, for complex jobs such as replacing whole parts—or even whole fence panels—unless you are experienced and confident you can handle the job, hire a team of professionals. In terms of the Cedar Rapids market, there is no better contractor than American Fence Company!

Part of what distinguishes us from other Iowa contractors is that we are not just a team of fence installers. Our staff has been rigorously and thoroughly trained to handle fence jobs of all kinds, including repair, maintenance, and total replacement. The team’s educated in working with materials of all sorts—vinyl, wood, chain link, ornamental steel, etc.—and are therefore knowledgeable and equipped to work even with fences we ourselves did not install.