How to Build a Wood Picket Fence

Building a wood picket fence is easier than many people might think—it’s also incredibly rewarding. Follow this instruction guide for step-by-step instructions on installing your own wood picket fence.  Objective:  By mastering this lesson, you will be able to build the most popular wood fencing that is both pleasing to the eye and functional. Necessary… Continue Reading

How to Build a Wood Solid Fence

Want to know to build the popular solid privacy fence? Follow these simple instructions to build a beautiful professional-looking solid wood fence. We have provided a step-by-step method that includes all the professional “tricks to the trade.” What equipment will you need? Pry bar, air nail guns, gun oil, hammer, compressor and air hose, tape… Continue Reading

How to Install Tension Wire on Chain Link Fence

Objective: Be able to install tension wire on a chain link fence. Equipment: 2 ea. come-a-longs, pliers, bolt cutters, chop saw or hand saw, wire rake for the appropriate height wire, speed wrench with ½” socket, barb wire dog, T-bar, and hammer. Key Topic: How to install top or bottom tension wire on a chain link fence How… Continue Reading

How to Build a Board-on-Board Wood Fence

Objective: To build a wood board-on-board fence, the most popular style of wood fence, that is nice to look and while offering privacy. Equipment: Compressor, hammer, pry bar, air hose, torpedo level, tape measure, circular saw, string line, six penny picketnails, sixteen penny rail nails, loose six penny nails, 12’ piece of plastic conduit, nail guns, nail… Continue Reading