Where Can I Get Custom Metals in Cedar Rapids?

A great deal of technology and expertise goes into crafting a custom metals project. For one thing, the project must go through an experienced designer before fabrication begins; after all, anyone can dream up an impressive-looking item, but it takes skill and knowledge to calculate how each component must be carved and put together. What’s more, the procedure requires equipment of top-notch quality; said equipment requires proper maintainance for functionality and performance. Finally, the best results emerge from fabrication in the hands of 6G-certified welders. When put together, these three things—design, equipment, fabrication—result in a unique item you’ll be proud to display at your home or commercial property.

For high-quality custom metal fabrication in Cedar Rapids, look no further than PCM (Patriot Custom Metals). One of American Fence Company’s many divisions, PCM goes above and beyond to craft the best possible items. In addition to home and business owners, our clients include Yellowstone National Park, MGM Casino, the College World Series Ballpark, and even NASA! With such a prestigious customer base, we accept nothing but the best from ourselves. As demonstrated in our latest YouTube video (see below), the team works out of a massive fabrication facility—one encompassing 92,000 square feet!—operating everything from handheld welding torches to high-tech drills to a state-of-the-art plasma table!

Our fabricators have also received 6G certification. What does this mean, exactly? Well, each welding type comes with its own label (there exist five different positions and two joint types when it comes to pipe-welding, for instance). The 6G weld, according to Chron.com, “is one of the most difficult weld certification tests to pass because the pipe is at a 45-degree angle and immovable. Welders performing the 6G certification test must weld in all positions including horizontal, vertical and overhead, and may have to weld both right-handed and left-handed.” This certification can only be achieved at a testing facility accredited by the American Welding Society and requires the completion of a training course—plus a hands-on certification test.

Since our fabrication staff consists of 6G certified welders, each and every one of them has undergone the aforementioned training and achieved the necessary credentials. As such, they’re equipped and ready to assemble a broad spectrum of custom metal products. This includes architectural louvered screening, sold by PalmSHIELD, another division of American Fence Company. PalmSHIELD also sells laser cut metal panels, with etched infill that can be hollow or feature LED backlights! Check out the video beneath this paragraph while you’re still here!

The custom metals staff also manufactures slide gates sold by America’s Gate Company, each one tailored to the exact parameters of the installation site. But, of course, their certified expertise also comes in handy when manufacturing products with original designs. So if you have an idea for a unique metal figure to display in front of your building or spectacular rims for your hotrod, look no further than Patriot Custom Metals. The team also works closely with yet another division—American Fence Company has many—called IronShield Coating. The latter works with one of the nation’s largest powder-coating ovens, which means we can imbue your product with any color—or any combination of colors—you dream up!