Best in Class Ornamental Fencing in Cedar Rapids, IA

Appealing Fence Designs

Commercial ornamental fencing doesn’t merely provide/enhance security. With its sophisticated appearance, it is also useful for boosting curb appeal and, potentially, property value.

Prefabricated Fencing in Cedar Rapids

If you’re wondering about our expertise in commercial ornamental fencing, we actually have our own line of commercial ornamental fencing in Cedar Rapids, IA. Our brand is called American Ornamental.

Long Lasting Fences in Cedar Rapids, IA

The prefabricated ornamental fences available here at American Fence Company have been carefully designed and formulated for rust resistance. Additionally resilient to corrosion and decay — plus the warranty we offer — means attractive, long lasting fences to help protect and distinguish your property for years to come.

Multiple Options for Fences in Cedar Rapids

American Fence Company of Cedar Rapids, IA does not simply offer a standard issue design when it comes to ornamental products. When it comes to adornments — those little fixtures that help spiff up the fence even more — we offer spear top and flat top fixtures, and heights of 3-6.’

Ornamental Fencing in Cedar Rapids, IA Gallery

As the top fence contractor in Cedar Rapids, IA, we at American Fence Company sells our own line of prefabricated ornamental fencing, called American Ornamental. Secure, in addition to aesthetically pleasing, these fences are installed by our team of certified fence installation experts.

Ornamental Fences in Cedar Rapids, IA FAQ

Do these Cedar Rapids prefabricated ornamental iron fences come with warranty?

Yes. All products in the American Ornamental line are offered with 10-20 year warranties — to help cover cracks, chips, and undue fading.

What questions should I ask when buying ornamental fences in Cedar Rapids, IA?

  • Should I galvanize my fence? In addition to providing an attractive silvery finish, the galvanizing process helps protect iron fences from corrosion and rust. In most cases, paint applications don’t adhere well to galvanized iron unless the first brush has been blasted.
  • Should iron fencing be powder coated? Powder coating provides a coating similar to plastic to your ornamental fencing. Powder is applied to the fence and then melted in an oven. This results in a resilient coating for coating durability.
  • Should my iron fence be e-coated? As the top fence company in Cedar Rapids, IA, we are committed to providing ornamental fences with e-coating.

What about field welding ornamental fences in Cedar Rapids, IA?

Never been field weld or “stick build” an ornamental fence in the field. All this will do is expose the welds to high humidity levels and promote the development of rust. Field welds also have potential to violate powder coated finishes. For all of these reasons, touching up should only be done with the manufacturer’s system, and field welding should be performed only when absolutely necessary.

Should ornamental fence posts be installed in concrete?

Yes.  American Fence Company installs fence posts in wet mix concrete. Never use dry mix with water added later. This does not provide the best consistency for concrete.