Best in Class Vinyl Fencing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Long Lasting Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences in Cedar Rapids, IA need to be resilient, able to withstand sweltering summer temperatures and the bitter conditions that tend to be the norm with winters here in the Midwest. Having built and installed fencing projects in Iowa for 50+ years, American Fence Company recognizes the importance of withstanding the severity of the elements. In addition to their long lasting quality, our fences are also sold with the option of limited lifetime warranty — this covers chips, cracks, and peeling.

Low Maintenance on Vinyl Fencing

The top notch engineering process put into our Cedar Rapids residential vinyl fencing means homeowners will spend less time maintaining their fence and more time simply enjoying the security and visual splendor it provides. Maintenance such as staining and repaints — let alone total replacements — are seldom needed, as our vinyl is heavily resistant to the elements and to damaging phenomena such as cracking, peeling, and fading.

Vinyl Fence Colors and Styles

When you purchase a vinyl fence in Cedar Rapids, you need one that’ll complement your home and fit the vision in your head. For this reason, it is convenient to have options regarding fence style and color, which are provided here at American Fence Company.


Here at American Fence Company, we go the extra mile in making sure that our vinyl fences are built to last. One of the essential steps we’ve taken is forming our partnership with the manufacturer¬†Ply Gem Fence & Rail. Through this partnership, we are able to produce high quality, super durable fencing resilient to sporadic weather any Cedar Rapids resident knows is common to the Midwest — not to mention damaged inflicted by insects such as termites and carpenter ants. Our fence company’s products are also resilient to rust and rot, as well as wear and tear. If this already sounds too good to be true, it gets even better! Our vinlyl fence products are offered with a lifetime, transferable warranty!

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Residential Vinyl Fence and Fence Installation in Cedar Rapids FAQ

Are vinyl fences in Cedar Rapids long lasting?

One of the major selling points of vinyl is that it is built to last — the only natural aging largely consisting of a slight waning in its natural sheen. Very rarely are decay-related phenomena such as rust and rot observed with vinyl fencing in Cedar Rapids. What’s more, it is resistant to most everyday impacts, so wear and tear is less an issue than it is with other forms of fencing. Here at American Fence Company, we instill our PVC products with a chemical formulation that functions similar to sunscreen, reflecting the sun’s rays rather than absorbing them. This is essential in helping to maintain the fence’s original color.

Vinyl fencing is also more cost competitive than both wood and ornamental steel fencing.

Does vinyl fencing change color with age?

Today’s vinyl fencing material features titanium dioxide (TIO2), an oxide that helps degradation caused by ultraviolet exposure. Another partnership of American Fence Company of Cedar Rapids’ is with Kroy Vinyl Products. This allows us to ensure 20-year warranty for PVC fences against discoloration and yellowing.

Does vinyl fencing burn and break?

Burning is not a concern when it comes to vinyl fencing, as it has a flash point of about 900 degrees. What’s more, it’s classified as a self-extinguishing material. Breaking and cracking can occur if the fence is struck by an abnormal amount of force — say, an automobile crash or a rock thrown by a lawnmower. In everyday occurrences, however, it is pretty resistant to wear and tear. What’s more, here at American Fence Company, we take care in seeing to it that fence posts are set properly and made with only the highest quality of materials.

In the event you should find a break in your Cedar Rapids fence, simply contact us, the number one vinyl fence contractor in Cedar Rapids. You only want to do business with a company that has been installing vinyl at least 10 years and with a dedication to quality, long lasting product. In our case, we’ve been in the business 50+ years. We also partner with vendors and employ highly trained fencing experts. The end result is high quality, highly resilient product that will last and last.

What is the best way to clean vinyl fencing?

Knowing how to clean outdoor items such as fencing is a no-brainer, given the constant exposure to sunlight, wind, rain, disrupted soil, etc. So how do you clean a vinyl fence? In most cases, you can simply use water in combined use with a mild detergent.

Tougher stains can be dealt with by using baking soda and Soft Scrub? Still not doing the trick? For those most stubborn, impossible to remove stains, you can try Simple Green and steel wool, or even 400-grit sandpaper. Paint thinner is useful for removing graffiti.

Should I install vinyl fence posts in concrete?

Yes. Vinyl fence posts are designed to be set in pre-mixed wet concrete installed under and around the post. Never install fence posts (of any kind) in dry concrete mix. Nor should you add water after the mix has been added, as it doesn’t provide consistency when the concrete sets.

Does American Fence Company of Cedar Rapids, Iowa offer warranty on residential vinyl fencing?

Yes. All of our vinyl products are offered with lifetime warranty.

How can I get custom vinyl fences in Cedar Rapids, IA?

American Fence Company expert fence fabricators and installers have access to the largest computerized fabrication shop in the entire Midwest. If you can come up with a design for a residential vinyl fence in Cedar Rapids, we can build it.

Can vinyl fences be damaged by weed eaters?

All vinyl and wood fence posts are prone to damage caused by direct contact with lawn and garden equipment. Exercise caution, especially when using commercial trimmers when near your fence post. Got questions about using weed barrier products and trimmers near fences? Do not hesitate to ask us. Our fencing experts can answer any questions you have about your vinyl fence.

Should the vinyl fence in my yard be customized?

Only hire Iowa fence contractors that offer custom fabrication abilities. American Fence Company of Cedar Rapids, Iowa is one such contractor, using the five-step process described below:

  1. In starting off, we meet with you to review designs, layouts, and ideas you have for your vinyl fence.
  2. Next, we’ll stake your yard for review and approval.
  3. You will be provided with a post layout map, showing the installation locales for each post.
  4. After the fence posts have been installed, we’ll put together a fabrication drawing to illustrate the slopes and dimensions of each bay.
  5. Each fence panel will be fabricated according to this drawing. Fabrication will be done in our computerized custom shop.