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High Quality Fence Materials for DIY Fence Projects and Fence Repair in Cedar Rapids, IA

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Repairing and installing fences in Cedar Rapids, IA requires contractor-grade materials, which cannot be found in box stores. As the city’s number one fence contractor, we offer three easy purchasing options. To learn more about each of them, click one of the links below or continue reading.

How Do You Know What Total Materials to Order?

So, you’ve decided to handle your fencing project yourself but are unsure which materials are needed? No problem! Our highly trained fence experts are here to help and will happily break down your yard and provide a list of all materials required to build a fence in Cedar Rapids. Stop by our location at 5867 15th Street NW Cedar Rapids, IA for a free quote, or submit an online request for quote.

American Fence Company of Cedar Rapids has access to a fence materials inventory which includes stock wood fence pickets, wood fence posts, wood fence rails, wood fence gate hardware, ornamental fence panels, ornamental gates, ornamental fence posts, ornamental gate hardware, chain link fabric, chain link fittings, chain link fence posts, vinyl fence rails, vinyl fence posts, vinyl fence pickets, vinyl fence panels, vinyl fence gate hardware, access control operators, access control transmitters, and so much more.

Why This Fence Company in Cedar Rapids, IA?

American Fence Company has 8 locations across the Midwest and an inventory of fence materials encompassing 18 acres. Every fence size, style color, and variety you could need is stocked in an area rivaling 14 football fields in size. We also have the option of acquiring additional materials from our sister branches if need be.

The Perks of Buying Direct from American Fence Company

To begin with, you bypass the middleman, as our fence materials are purchased directly from the source and sold at competitive prices. Whether you live in Fairfield, Homestead, Marion, Middle Amana, Mount Vernon, Amana, Atkins, Waterloo, or one of the surrounding Iowa neighborhoods, this fence company in Cedar Rapids is here to help. When you get a fence from us, it’ll be one that you will be proud to own, one that’ll boost your yard’s appearance and curb appeal for years to come.